Return, Debut Of Broadcast Programs Proves It’s Time To Test Clear TV Key At Home

clear tv keyThe first day of spring officially arrived on March 20, 2018 and with it, the full-force kick-off of broadcast television shows that are returning for this year — or making their on-air debut. As you’ll see below, these first-rate shows are available for free via broadcast television. That means no cable subscription nor a staggering monthly bill; rather all you need to watch these shows is a Clear TV Key – but we’ll have more on that later.

Everyone’s favorite celebrity chef who can eviscerate the talents of adult contestants will return to Fox this spring for “MasterChef Junior.” Gordon Ramsay, the Scotland-born chef whose personality helped cement his reputation, has stared on the child-centric show since its 2013 premiere. The sixth and current season premiered on March 2. Another viewer favorite, “American Idol” makes its triumphant return on ABC on March 11. Now in its 16th season, this singing competition has previously been judged by Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Keith Urban, among others. The 1980s and ‘90s family drama staple “Roseanne” will return to ABC on March 27. Featuring namesake Roseanne Barr as the star and her working-class family, time will tell how this re-boot pans out among viewers of broadcast TV using a Clear TV Key. Finally, “Splitting Up Together” will debut on ABC on March 27. Overseen by Ellen DeGeneres, the show’s plot centers around a couple bent on divorce but seemingly being brought back together by the entire process.

These are just a few critically-acclaimed television programs people can watch with a digital TV antenna. As any positive Clear TV review will show, this device opens the door to quality entertainment for free in exchange for a one-time purchase of the antenna itself. You’ll be able to join the tens of millions of other Americans who’ve ditched cable service providers and saved more than $100 each month in the process. When reading a Clear TV review to learn more about this product, you’ll likely be pleased to hear that it connects to any television set manufactured after 2007 and simply requires an immediate area free of interference from tall buildings, trees or mountains. Other than that, you’re good to go so long as you have electricity. In fact, you can take your Clear TV Key on the road with you and run it inside your RV or campsite if it’s outfitted with electric or if you’ve brought a portable generator along. While the latter aspect is often noted in any favorable Clear TV review, we’ll leave it up to you to give this product a shot at home and see what you find to like about it.